A major goal of the Center is to diagnose patients with rare, genetic diseases. Patients will be seen in a Rare Diseases-branded clinic that permits both pediatric and adult patients to be seen.

Our clinic will offer advanced treatments for single patients in a personalized fashion. These treatments are the ultimate in Precision Health, guided by genetics and other biochemical testing. Treatments can include:

  • The use of monoclonal antibodies or other biologicals for genetic immune disease patients
  • The use of novel exon-skipping drugs in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

The Rare Diseases clinic will draw all patients from the various clinics described below. 

If you wish to be seen in our Rare Diseases-branded clinic then please make an appointment at any of the clinics below that best represents your disease. Each physician will evaluate your disease and determine whether the Rare Disease clinic is appropriate for your diagnosis. Contact information is listed on each individual page. 

If you are unsure which clinic you belong to then please call (310) 267-2416