We are not a physical clinic. The CCRD integrates clinical information with additional research testing. You cannot make an appointment with the CCRD. If you would like to be conseidered for the CCRD, we ask you first obatin a referral for a UCLA clinical provider who can recommend additional CCRD supported testing. Our UCLA expert providers may refer cases into CCRD when they think additional genomic sequencing may help lead to a diagnosis. Referrals for additional research testing must come after a visit with a UCLA specilty provider. CCRD reviews cases as they come and once a provider refers a case will will discuss as a team and make an acceoptance decision within 4 weeks.


If you have a diagnosis and are searching for another opinion or would like to enroll in a research study we would be happy to direct you. You can stay up to date on clinical trial offerings at www.clinicaltrials.gov

CCRD services may be performed and billed through insurance or other funding. There could be costs to you depending on what is recommended. Each situation is unique. If you need to see a provider clinically, you can check your insurance acceptance at UCLA here

You may call us at 310-267-2416 or email us at ccrd@mednet.ucla.edu

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If you are a provider please email ccrd@mednet.ucla.edu and request to be added to the list.